The Léna & Roselli Gallery is the institution of contemporary Hungarian art commerce and a sponsor of art. Its activity is aimed at maintaining and representing Hungarian fine arts artistic values in cooperation with values of the Easter-European intellectual community. The establisher of the gallery, dr. Ilona Orosz is about to serve the traditions of the national cultural heritage, and she intends to create new values as well. The basis of the art commerce activity is a collection of fine arts that is eligible to represent cultural traditions and present values both from a professional and a spiritual aspect on an international level. The latter statement is underpinned by the fact that several artists and artistic institutes of different countries, East-European countries’ foreign representatives, cultural institutes located at Budapest has joined the activities of the gallery.

The BudArtPest-project



Léna & Roselli Gallery started a project called BudArtPest.

The aim of this project is to create cultural bridges and new connections between Hungarian and International contemporary artists.